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The Hempress speaks .

 Unless, you grew up as I did, and by that ,I mean in an "over saturated historical fishbowl" that, is your back yard,  in which no matter where you look,walk,sit, sometimes the very air you breath......(seriously Bostonians be like

 "Benjamin Franklin took breaths here, RIGHT HERE !! 
suck it in ...suck it in hard Patriot!" 
Mmmmm Real American Air! 

View of the Old State House, Boston, Massachusetts, the seat of British colonial government from 1713 to 1776. The Boston Massacre took place in front of the balcony, and the site is now marked by a cobblestone circle in the square 

In fact most things here have been sat on looked at or most likely died on, by some historic human being or their horses .
That said , when I tell you the story

My husband and I have been in Radio Broadcasting for over 24 years now, and our journey has taken us from coast to coast, in 22 year of marriage we have moved 18 times 13 states 11 cities.
we have 2 children. I can honestly say we are unique.There's not much we have not witnessed.

We moved our family back to New England in 2015, my kids had vacationed here but nothing that would have given the taste of old moldy everything that is my home . my husband being from Oklahoma had lived here in the past for a short 2 years and in those two years didn't have much to see or do that was historical or worth talking about . being back now is completely different.

one of the biggest changes from living in the MIDDLE EARTH....I mean... West ..Midwest.. is the fear that the citizen live under regarding cannabis. some will say they aren't afraid , this are the ones who will NEVER see TOUCH or consider Cannabis to be any thing other than a DRUG..a BAD EVIL DRUG... those same families ingest diet pills, antidepressant, and sleep pills easily and without remorse or guilt . 

These types of pills are perfectly safe given to us by Dr. that are Godly and just .

If what I just wrote seems a bit sick and weird sounding . then you and I are in the same boat.
and that boat is filled with CANNABIS

how did everything get so weird ?

How did Hemp become the Enemy? 
When did Commercials go from preventing heart attacks with BAYER aspirin?

 to having side effects that  can result in DEATH??? and how is this legal to say? to create ?

BUT more importantly , how is this    LEGAL ?

I'm beyond excited and with full passion and fire in my gut ( some of that fire is due to opioid damage ) but non the less still exciting .  

I have discovered in the last month; yes,
 just 30 short days how exactly the world can turn into a
 "through the looking glass"existence when you have gone through the "Butterfly effect".
one small little irrelevant drop of negative....spoils the whole positive vibe, the thoughts you had of someone or something , can change in an instance because of someone with a higher position than you . 
you see that's the issue, that's what brings us here today.  I attended a Legalize rally, I end up with 30 college students a half dozen burn outs wearing Grateful Dead shirts, that I swear are worth more than the cars they drove. 
 I can say I was pleasantly surprised there was a few normal looking folks around , but lets not get crazy here , seriously folks , its 2017 and the fact that the stigma, the shame the CRAZY that surrounds Cannabis and Cannabis users , is sinful, yes! I used that word and I can back that word up all day long all night through without letting up , I have an answer of you on every level from every angle. This is no longer a foolish girls college release , or a midnight toke at the mountain resort with Sven and Fran, the thought behind all the crimes and name calling, is baffling that there is frozen matrix like existence in some areas of the country , where the mere mention of the word cannabis brings a look of fear. 
a fear that is hard to grasp being form an area of the country where I never felt under attack.
 I was not introduced formally till high school and one mere mention of it to me was an automatic "are you out of our mind?, Have you met my mother?" truth is my mom had no clue about drugs and made no excuses about not caring to go to the "drugs"awareness anything. according to my mom "these teachers will do anything to make us think kids are taking drugs" her own prescription drug issues were just around the corner , but till those came into the picture diet pills would have to do. more on that basket of barbituates coming up later in the program. this is a great door opener to the bottom line beyond rules and laws and finger pointing name calling . the fact I can watch a cable station and see adds for meds that are created to make my life better , have deadly side effects , not just "SIDE" effects but in some cases "DEATH"

ok, how does this fact Not scare people? 
the words are " and in some cases, DEATH" some cases ? there have been cases? some family depended on the medical system to cure them , they were sick , NOT DEAD

....ok, ya got that part do ya?

one just one of the 5 I was on at once was LEXAPRO, one of 5 that means that with all the side effects I'm about to write there was 5 other meds doing the same or almost the same side effects at the same time . 

okay you ready for the part that you will roll your eyes at ? 

WHAT does self LOVE to do with Cannabis legalization?

The reason I became such a Hemp BADDASS, 

when you decide that this is NOT the way your going to go out of this world, drugged and stupid and creating in your own self.. New diseases, diseases that come from the lack of minerals and vitamins and the increase of brain plaque that is curing due to lack of deep sleep . this has got to stop! I am but one person , but my journey has been very hard and very "effected" my mission , my advocacy has brought me here. and now its time to help others who have lost their way. the ones filled with pain and anxiety , that feels dark and hopeless.

MY mission.....How can we conquer and win ? WHAT IS THE KEY ?

The key to the whole crazy belief that this is the way to live in a state of grace where you have everything you need as a human being on planet Earth ....everything WE NEED, and my fight ,my passion my life my health journey, my advocacy?

All driven by self love , self empowerment. brought on by PAIN, FEAR,AND Uncertainty of the future of my body.

I came to this place this new and very comforting excepting lifestyle. the people who have walked along side me in their own painful journey, are coming to me now and seeking help , they come to me in private messages and in private emails ....texts ...even Skype. the fact that they are guilty ,ashamed of the words and scared by the government who should be governing and not allowing the poison that is Legally administered to helpless people all across this country , I have an empathy that is deeper than most to begin with, But the fact that my nomadic life style has brought me to so many Beautiful Americans I would not would have the pleasure of meeting or ever knowing if int weren't for my life in media broadcasting . SELF LOVE is hard , its one of the hardest things I be;eve we can give ourselves and in most of us WE HAVE NEVER been given the tools to fully understand the process.a process that is like an individuals warranty, LIFE TIME. life time of love...everyday practicing to love ourselves. THAT love will Bring , you to learning what preservatives are in your food , in your hair products , on your clothing , in your soda, self love leads you to alternative methods. Alternative medicine , makeup , clothes ,music,

through loving myself I found my calling in my journey, my life of Hemp/Cannabis ...LIFE, spiritual ,dietary , recreational, MEDICINAL

join me here please , join me subscribe , lets change stuff, lets twist it and turn it and make our TRIBES...our PEOPLE....OUR health ...important again . If Not US ?

Then WHO? ..........I guess I'll have fun educating and loving people till we are all free to heal the way we choose.



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